Cinderella by Elizabeth Rudnick

Cinderella - Elizabeth Rudnick



Ella's childhood is a happy one: she has loving parents, plenty of fields and meadows to explore and lots of kind animal friends to play with. She warms the hearts of all who meet her and her home is a wonderful place- the perfect little Kingdom for a joyful family.

But when tragedy strikes, Ella' s happy home turns into one filled with sadness and cruelty. Will Ella be able to hold onto her kindness and courage through it all?





I'm surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. Yes I'm originally a fan of the Cinderella story, but what shocked me was how much I enjoyed a book written from the movie Cinderella.

If all that doesn't make sense I'll try to explain it a bit better. Usually when someone writes a book based on a movie, TV series or even a game, for some odd reason they always sound too corny. It's poorly written that I think their main goal is to get people to either watch the movie or TV series or play the game, instead of reading.

So when I started reading this book, I was pleasantly surprised on how good it was written. It wasn't cheesy, but funny and beautiful.


If you have seen the movie, read this book. Bonus, there are also clips from the movie inside the book. Especially (like me) you are obsessed with Richard Madden :)