BookTube-A-Thon 2015


I have decided to participate in this years BookTube-A-Thon which commences from August 3rd to August 9th. 

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this challenge for a number of reasons, the main one being, I'm not in the "BookTube" community. I don't make videos about books I write them. But then I got to thinking, why should I miss out on a reading challenge just because I don't make YouTube videos? 


So instead of taking part in Augusts #AYearAThon, I thought I'll give this a go.


In those seven days you are given challenges to complete within the seven days. They are, as well as what I'll be reading:


1. A Book With Blue On The Cover


I picked this book because I've been meaning to reread it again for a long time now


2. A Book By An Author Who Shares The Same First Letter Of Your Last Name 


We both share the same first letter of our last name; "F"

Plus her book covers are absolutely beautiful


3. Someone Else's Favourite Book


I've read this before and loved it, and I know a lot of other people do too



4. The Last Book You Required


This is the last book I bought


5. Finish A Book Without Letting Go Of It


I had to find the most shortest book I could find

This will hopefully take me two seconds to read


6. A Book You Really Want To Read


More like I book series I really want to reread again

I'm in love with anything Robin Hobb


7. Read A Total Of Seven Books


Hopefully I will get to finish this book and also round my total of reading seven books


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Twitter: @redfoxtales

Instagram: @catherine_furfaro



For more information, please visit the BookTube-A-Thon YouTube page.