Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie

Evil Under The Sun - Agatha Christie


When a beautiful woman is found strangled to death at a holiday resort, the murder appears to be a crime of passion. But could it have been something more evil and premeditated altogether? Hercule Poirot has his vacation interrupted in this mystery.





I started reading Evil Under The Sun nearly a week ago for #AYearAThon, and I'm finally finished. I usually read an Agatha Christie book in a day or two, but with a four year old son and a baby on the way, time is not in my favour. 


Another Hercule Poirot novel and again I was not disappointed. It's another case of whodunit. And of course if you think you know who the culprit is, you are probably wrong. 

Unlike some of her other books I really couldn't even guess who the killer was, actually I didn't care who it was and was hoping they got away with it. That's right, for once I was happy that the victim in this story was murdered.

Now that's not to say that I'm all for killing people, but in a fictional world where you really can not stand a character, we all deep down hoped they died. 


The "victim" in this case is an actress, Arlena Marshall (Arlena Stuart is her stage name). A very scandalous woman who seems to live for attention, especially those from the opposite sex. And it didn't matter to her if you were single or married, she wanted something and she always got what she wanted. 

There was something about her that I just didn't like, maybe this was deliberate on Agatha Christie's part, making us feel for Arlena's husband and his young daughter. Whatever it is, I really didn't have any feelings for the woman.


The person I felt sorry for was Hercule Poirot. All he wanted was to go on a nice relaxing holiday, away from crime scenes. Unfortunately for him, everywhere he goes there is another murder and another case of the whodunit. 

Poor Hercule Poirot.