Cards On The Table by Agatha Christie

Cards On The Table - Agatha Christie


Four people are playing bridge, and in the course of the game their host, who has been sitting out, is murdered. Any of the four, given the right circumstances, might have committed the crime, for each of them is known to have committed at any rate one murder and is quite capable of committing another.





When I finished reading A Murder Is Announced, I couldn't wait to delve back into another Agatha Christie book. This time solving a murder with none other than Hercule Poirot. 

Out of all the characters Agatha Christie has created, I love him the most. Why?... It's just the way he composes himself and his ability to use those grey cells to solve problems.


Even though I didn't love this as much as A Murder Is Announced, that does not mean I thought it was terrible. Maybe if I read this before I would've given it five stars instead of the four and a half. We will never know.


Unlike her other books, Card On The Table was a very interesting setting. Here you have a dinner party hosted by the mysterious Mr Shaitana. He invites four criminologists; Hercule Poirot, Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Battle and Colonel Race. A dinner to show off his most peculiar collection - murderers. 

After dinner, the sleuths and Shaitana's four other guests play bridge...Is it any surprise that the evening ends with the death of the host?


We have four suspects; Dr Roberts, Mrs Lorrimer, Major Despard and Anne Meredith, all playing bridge in the same room Mr Shaitana is murdered, so who did it?

Throughout the book we go into each persons past and learn more about their character, who was scared enough to kill Mr Shaitana before he spoke about their past.


Of course again like every other Agatha Christie novel I thought I knew who the killer was, until I was proven wrong on the last page. Why does she keep doing this to me? I'm always baffled on how she could just slip something without me paying attention. I'm sure if I reread this, I would be face palming myself. 


I'm not going to remind you again to read an Agatha Christie book, it's obvious now that this woman is a genius.