Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Doon - Lorie Langdon, Carey Corp





Veronica doesn't think she's going crazy. But why can't anyone else see the mysterious blond boy who keeps popping up wherever she goes? When her best friend, Mackenna, invites her to spend the summer in Scotland, Veronica jumps at the opportunity to leave her complicated life behind for a few months. 


But the Scottish countryside holds other plans. 


Not only has the imaginary kilted boy followed her to Alloway, she and Mackenna uncover a strange set of rings and a very unnerving letter from Mackenna's great aunt—and when the girls test the instructions Aunt Gracie left behind, they find themselves transported to a land that defies explanation. Doon seems like a real-life fairy tale, complete with one prince who has eyes for Mackenna and another who looks suspiciously like the boy from Veronica's daydreams. But Doon has a dark underbelly as well. The two girls could have everything they've longed for...or they could end up breaking an enchantment and find themselves trapped in a world that has become a nightmare.






Nora Roberts for YA!!


This was my first and only thought I had for the duration of this book, and no, that is definitely not a bad thing. I'm an obsessed fan of Nora Roberts, I love her beautifully told stories. If you have ready any Nora Roberts books you know she writes romance (at its best), sometimes with a bit of magic, and the characters having strong love for their friends or family.

So when I say that this book is a Nora Roberts for YA, it basically means I loved the book.


I know there are a few people out there saying this is a cheesy book and not well written, and I'm the first to say that I hate those types of books, give me blood and guts over sappy love stories any day. But there are moments when all you want is an easy romantic read, something to take your mind of the serious things going on in the world. Just sit back and enjoy it, and don't take things too seriously. Not all the time anyway.


The friendship between Veronica and Mackenna was what really won me over. Again, just like a Nora Roberts book, there was this bond between two friends that was great to read. Both completely different, Veronica the book nerd that wants the fairytale ending, and then you have Mackenna the outspoken no-bullshit girl who's life goal is to be an actress.

Having the book in both their point of views was a great idea, because you didn't just get stuck into one characters head which I would of probably started to get annoyed.

And the best part; if there was just one character that went over to Doon, then I'm guessing there would of been a love triangle, and for once THERE WASN'T!! (sort of, you'll see). Again, this is exactly like Nora Roberts, everyone felt like they were able to love someone. There was no competition, just one character falling head over heels for their one true love.


If you want a beautifully told sappy love story, a book that you can easily read in a day, then this book is for you.

Just remember, this isn't a literacy masterpiece, but it's still a joy to read.